In our democracy, we have the responsibility to elect Members of Parliament (MP) in the State and Federal level who represent our views.

If you are pro-life, make sure your MP is pro-life too.

Taking political action is key in our battle against abortion, euthanasia/assisted suicide and other pro-life causes.

What to do:

  • Call your MP
  • Arrange a face to face appointment with your MP
  • Email/write to your MP
  • Informing your contacts (friends/family) about pro-life causes
  • Chat about pro-life topics with your friends

George Christensen (pro-life Fed MP of Dawson, Queensland) when asked how we can pushback against abortion laws like in Texas, USA:

“What happened in Texas didn’t happen overnight. We change culture one step at a time. We need to make sure that those elected as our MPs reflect our views. Call your MPs and make an appointment with them – it doesn’t matter if you have to wait for 5 months. Campaign for pro-life MPs and hand out how to vote cards for them.”

Contacts for NSW State Parliament:

Contacts for Federal Parliament:

We compiled the following to help inform you in who to vote for in the next NSW state election (2023) based on how MPs previously voted in Euthanasia and Abortion matters:

Voting Guidance – 2023 State Election (Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Bill 2021)

Voting Guidance – 2023 State Election (Abortion Bill 2019)