Late Term Abortion – with Dr Joanna Howe

Check out Australian Christian Lobby’s Wendy Francis interviewing Dr Joanna Howe, a Rhodes scholar and regular media commentator in screen and print.


Dr Joanna presents the following information:

  • A poll found 39% of Australians up to 20 weeks
  • In late term abortion, the mother gives birth to a dead baby, because the baby is poisoned before birth. This is traumatic for the mother, doctors and nurses.
  • 96% of scientists agree that life begins in fertilisation

All abortions are murder.

Out of love for our unborn neighbour, and the protection of the most vulnerable, we must speak and act on their behalf by:

  • Support pregnant women with difficult pregnancies by supporting pregnancy care centres, such as Diamond Women and Hope House.
  • Speaking out against abortion – it is not ‘healthcare’, it is murder.

Patrick Jason