Interview with Michael Spielman, founder of

Hear from Michael Spielman, the founder of the best abortion education website in the world:

Mr Spielman on the American evangelical churches: “I stopped reaching out to churches because I never had an experience in reaching out to a church and then them responding well or are enthused or interested… the visible or professional church are for the most part not interested in this issue [abortion]”

“The conservative churches is concerned that this is a social gospel, that it’s not a priority and the more theological liberal churches support abortion. It’s really disheartening”

That is the same conclusion one can make about the evangelical churches in Australia.

“Abortion is the enemy that must not be named… There’s so much ignorance by those who support abortion”
“The purpose of Abort73 is to educate people and as a tool where you can direct people to so they can learn about abortion.” Mr Spielman said.

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