Hymn for the unborn

This EFL resource is a hymn from Graham Kendrick, which may be used in appropriate settings. Graham was asked to write this hymn by the pro-life charity CARE trust. He recalls: “It wasn’t an easy song to write.  I felt I had to balance the need to call for repentance over abortion with an emphasis on compassion.  In any congregation there may be people who have been party to an abortion.  I tried to capture the “go and sin no more” spirit that Christ adopted to the woman caught in adultery.  I also tried to capture an attitude of humble identification as opposed to self-righteous condemnation. – Peter Barnes, President of EFL


1. Who can sound the depths of sorrow 
In the Father heart of God 
For the children we’ve rejected 
For the lives so deeply scarred? 
And each light that we’ve extinguished 
Has brought darkness to our land 
Upon our nation, upon our nation 
Have mercy, Lord. 
2. We have scorned the truth you gave us 
We have bowed to other lords 
We have sacrificed the children 
On the altars of our gods 
O let truth again shine on us 
Let your holy fear descend 
Upon our nation, upon our nation 
Have mercy, Lord. 
(Men only) 
3. Who can stand before your anger? 
Who can face your piercing eyes? 
For you love the weak and helpless 
And you hear the victims’ cries 
(All) Yes, you are a God of justice 
And your judgment surely comes 
Upon our nation, upon our nation 
Have mercy, Lord. 
(Women only) 
4.Who will stand against the violence? 
Who will comfort those who mourn? 
In an age of cruel rejection 
Who will build for love a home? 
(All) Come and shake us into action 
Come and melt our hearts of stone 
Upon your people, upon your people 
Have mercy, Lord. 
5. Who can sound the depths of mercy 
In the Father heart of God? 
For there is a Man of sorrows 
Who for sinners shed his blood 
He can heal the wounds of nations 
He can wash the guilty clean 
Because of Jesus, because of Jesus 
Have mercy, Lord.