‘Compassion never kills’ Rally – 18th Nov

From our sources, the Euthanasia Bill (Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill) will be debated in NSW Parliament at the 18th of November.

That is why Right to Life organised a rally outside NSW Parliament on Thursday 18 November 2021 4pm – 6pm.

Only our Lord God has the authority to take any person’s life.

No doctor or the affected person themselves have that authority.

That’s why you should join us –

Stand up against state sanctioned suicide and murder.

Stand up for the vulnerable.

Pray for this bill to be stopped.

This is a COVID safe event with a maximum of 1000 people (Lord willing that we have so many people that we have to turn people away!)

Optional dress code: Something red to represent life!

You don’t need to register (as long as you are double vaxxed) but it can help us give an idea of how many people are coming, so please register in the QR code below:

Meeting location: Grass Area behind the NSW State Library

Patrick, from Riverwood Punchbowl Anglican Church