Assisted Suicide Bill Passed in NSW

Last night (11/5/2022), the NSW Legislative Council voted to pass the Greenwich Assisted Suicide Bill (formally known as “Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2021) 20 votes to 17. The bill will now proceed to the Committee stage of the debate where amendments will be considered, followed by a final vote, which could take place as early as next week.

In the past two years, our government have been moving mountains in the effort to save lives (lockdowns, vaccine mandates for certain public sectors, enforcing mask use, etc) but now they have agreed to pass a bill to kill life.

What now?

  1. Pray for those considering euthanasia – pray that they will turn to the Lord in their suffering and have faith in the One who suffered for us on the cross.
  2. Persuade people of the true nature of this bill over the dinner table, over coffee, when catching up with friends, at church fellowship gatherings:  
    • that we need to care not kill people;
    • invest our taxes in palliative care not poison;
  3. Plead with people to be reconciled to the Lord, so that when He comes, He will wipe away their tears and they will not suffer no longer (Revelation 21:4).