Abortion: What about the men?

Contrary to our gender-confused world, God gives men and women different roles. Let’s explore the role and responsibilities of men in relation to an abortion.


In the Old Testament, which of the two sexes are out protecting Israel from her enemies? Men.

In Ukraine, which of the two sexes are forced to stay back to protect their country? Men.

Which of the two sexes predominantly make up the graves of soldiers who died protecting their country? Men.

Which of the two sexes should be in the forefront in protecting unborn babies? Men.

Men have the role of protecting their community. A man who supports a ‘woman’s right to choose’ an abortion has completely failed his responsibility to protect his girlfriend’s or wife’s health (numerous health risks accompany abortion[1]) and the life of his child.

Men who pressure their girlfriends for an abortion actively encourage the murder of

their children.  The blood of his aborted baby is on his hands.

Shame on these men!


In Scripture, the husband is to be the loving leader of his wife, since wives are to submit to their husbands as to the Lord, in everything (Ephesians 5:22-24).

If his wife wants an abortion, the husband must not be passive; he must lead by supporting his wife throughout the pregnancy.

Men who abandon their girlfriends out of fear of parental responsibility ought to be ashamed.

But they should also be offered the forgiveness that is found in Christ, as everyone who calls on Christ will not be put to shame, but be saved (Romans 10:11,13).

Silent suffering men

While some men are rightly blamed and shamed for the murder of their own children, some men are silent sufferers in an abortion.

These men want to keep the baby but their girlfriend or spouse may abort the child without their consent or knowledge.

They aren’t given a choice in the matter, because it’s supposedly a woman’s right concerning what she does with her body. On the contrary, it is the father’s responsibility to protect his children.

Many of these men feel depressed and tremendously guilty after the abortion. They stay up at night thinking about the child, asking: “Could I have done more to protect the child?” and “Why do I deserve to live when I failed to protect the life of my child?”

We can take comfort in the fact that an aborted child is in the hands of a loving and just God.

God loves us – so much so that he gave his one and only Son to die for us (John 3:16).

God is also just – He heard the blood of the Abel cry out to Him from the ground and brought justice on Cain (Gen. 4:10-11).

Similarly, the blood of the unborn baby cries out to Him, and the Lord vows that vengeance is His, and He will repay for a child’s murder (Rom.12:19).

If this speaks to you, and you wonder if you could’ve done more to protect your child or even if you have encouraged your child’s abortion: Escape God’s vengeance by putting your faith in Jesus, because the blood of Jesus shed on the cross cries out that God’s mercy is on offer. Jesus has paid the punishment for your sins on the cross (Rom.3:25).

If you or anyone you know is suffering after an abortion, please call an abortion help service from one listed in our website’s resources page: http://evangelicalsforlife.com/resources/  

Patrick Jason from Evangelicals for Life

[1] https://ldh.la.gov/page/1063